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Opus Film

29 Łąkowa str. 90-554, Łódź

Founded in 1991, Opus Film studio is a leading film producer in Poland.
The studio has a portfolio of 1800 completed commercials, over 25 feature films and over 10 international co-productions. In 2015 Opus Film won an Oscar® for Best Foreign Language Film (“Ida” by Pawlikowski).

The company’s headquarter is located in Łódź, on the premises of the former Feature Film Studio, where it has a rich production base, including cinematography halls, sound and post-production studios. The Warsaw office is dedicated to advertising productions and foreign services.


Opus Film actively promotes the Polish film industry outside Poland, co-producing films with international partners.


Ida Official US Release Trailer (2014) - Agata Kulesza, Agata Trzebuchowska Movie HD

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ZIMNA WOJNA - oficjalny zwiastun filmu

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JA TERAZ KŁAMIĘ - oficjalny zwiastun

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THE CONGRESS - Official UK Trailer - Starring Robin Wright

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List of projects realized by Opus Film

Projects supported by the Łódź Film Commission / Łódź Film Fund
  1. Ida
  2. Cold War
  3. Courage
  4. 160 years of Ż
  5. Spring 1941
  6. Wonderful Summer
  7. Project A.R.
  8. Citizen
  9. Beyond Words
  10. Memories of summer
  11. I am lying now


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