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Type of film:
Feature film


Production company:
Opus Film

Year of production: 2012

Greg Zgliński

Alfred Firlej:
Robert Więckiewicz

Jerzy Firlej, Alfred's brother:
Łukasz Simlat

Viola Firlej,Alfred's wife:
Gabriela Muskała

Stefan Firlej, father of Alfred i Jerzy:
Marian Dziędziel

Janusz Marganski, Greg Zglinski

Witold Płóciennik

Set design:
Elwira Pluta

Małgorzata Zacharska

Jacek Grudzień, Mariusz Zięmba

Sound design:
Michał Kosterkiewicz

Production manager:
Jacek Gawryszczak [*]


The story of two brothers: Alfred and Jurek, who share a common business. They differ not only in age but also in their view of the world, development of the company, as well as their attitude towards parents. A serious incident that occurs on the train forces them to re-evaluate their lives. One of the heroes is not up to the challenge, but he will want to do everything to rehabilitate. Photos were taken, among others in the facilities of the Lodz University of Technology, in the Complex of Electronic Schools at ul. Strykowska, Akademia club, hairdresser’s at Kilińskiego Street, at the Łódź Kaliska and Łódź Żabieniec stations and around Łódź: in Pawlikowice, Andrespol, Bronisin Dworski. Film co-financed by the Lodz Film Fund in 2010.

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