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Znak Film – film set service

326 Rokicińska str. 92-601 Łódź. Phone: +48 500 256 393

– Temporary traffic organisation projects (in Łódź).
– Consultations on changes to traffic organisation with ITD and the Łódź Engineer – obtaining approvals and authorisations of the designs.
– Implementation of temporary traffic organisation in accordance with the design in Łódź.
– Hire of traffic signs together with their installation as per design (in Łódź).
– Directing traffic and carrying out pilots in accordance with authorisations held (all over the country).
– Realisation of individual orders and rental of special vehicles (the whole country): self-propelled toilets, caravans.

List of projects realized by Znak Film – film set service

Projects supported by the Łódź Film Commission / Łódź Film Fund
  1. Cold War
  2. The Crow. Whispers are heard after dark
  3. The Monument
  4. Ultraviolet I i II
  5. People and Gods
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