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Flying Machine

Type of film:
Feature film
3D Animation

Poland, China

Production company:
BreakThru Films / Bona Film Group / Tianjin North Film Group / Storm Studios

Year of production: 2011

Martin Clapp / Dorota Kobiela / Geoff Lindsey

Heather Graham

Lang Lang

Kizzy Me

Fred, Jane's brother:
Jamie Munns

Geoff Lindsey / Dorota Kobiela

Krzysztof Ptak / Michał Stajniak

Set design:
David Booth

Main animator:
Tim Allen

Fryderyk Chopin


Ania’s beloved dad, after closing the store belonging to their family for generations, goes to work in London. The girl stays in Warsaw with a caring aunt and an amazingly imaginative Chip-Chip cousin. Ania misses her dad very much and decides to run away, and Chip-Chip, who wants to win her sympathy at all costs, follows her step by step. Ania hides from a nosy cousin on a pile of abandoned furniture. Among them is an old piano, which suddenly turns into a bizarre vehicle, being a combination of an airship and a seagoing ship. Onboard the magical flying machine, the children soar over the rooftops of the city and, to the horror of Chip-fearing heights, move to look for Ania’s dad. Will a visit to the most beautiful cities in Europe that Chopin once visited, and unusual adventures that children will experience during a sky trip, bring Anna closer to meeting her longing dad?


Film co-financed by the Lodz Film Fund in 2009.

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