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„Tatar farm” in Radomsko

9 Częstochowska st., 97-500 Radomsko, Polska

phone no. +44 683 56 51,

The last peasant homestead in Stobiecko Miejskie is situated at 9 Częstochowska Street. It was built in 1875 and rebuilt after the whirlwind of 2008. According to a local legend, centuries ago, Tartar prisoners of war were to be settled here and it was they who initiated the construction of closed homesteads with compact buildings. A cottage was situated with its gable to the road, with a shed adjoining at right angles to it – a coach house with an entrance gate or a high fence. From the side of the road, these buildings formed a wall across the width of the usually narrow plot. Cowsheds and barns were directly adjacent to the cottage. The latter preserved at 9 Czestochowska Street includes two, detached barns. At present, it seems more likely that this “tataric character” has its source in the fact that the inhabitants of Stobieck were engaged in the cultivation and trade of tatarka.

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