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Music Conservatory in Łódź

32 Gdańska st. 90-716 Łódź.
phone no. +42 662 16 00

Mrs Cancellor Agnieszka Rogulska, phone no. + 48 42 662 16 02,

A historic palace at crossroads of 1-go Maja and 32 Gdańska Streets erected in 1904-08 for a son of a well-known manufacturer from Łódź Izrael Kalmanowicz Poznański – Karol. The building has eclectic character: combines elements of the Italian Renaissance and Baroque dominating in its architecture. The building consists of two wings and a front part where representative rooms were situated: living-rooms and dining-rooms (today concert and lecture halls). Upstairs there is an unusual winter garden covered with a glass roof, noticeable from a garden.

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