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Botanical garden in Lodz

36/38 Krzemieniecka st., 94-303 Łódź
phone no. 42 688 44 20


The Botanical Garden in Lodz is one of the largest in Poland with an area of 67 ha. It is located in the western part of the city.  The area of the Garden is flat, with a slight slope towards the £ódka River in the north. The highest point is 194 m above sea level. The Garden has a park and forest character. The landscape is varied by 12 artificially raised hills covered with granite, limestone and sandstone rock blocks. A unique place is the Vegetable Open-Air Museum, consisting of a wooden thatched cottage, a wooden thatched barn and a stone cowshed, surrounded by a wicker fence, against which three plant collections are presented in the form of a front garden, a garden of useful plants and an orchard.

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