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August Haertig’s palace (office of WARTA Insurance Company)

234 Piotrkowska st. 90-360 Łódź
phone no. +42 631 75 12

The palace was built for the Lodz factory owner August Haertig in 1895-1896 according to a design by Franciszek Chełmiński. The palace served both residential and commercial functions – Haertig’s office was on the ground floor, and flats on the ground floor. The building consists of a square-shaped front part and an annexe. The front part is eclectic with elements of baroque, rococo and empire style. After Haertig’s death, his widow sold the palace.  At the beginning of the 21st century, the palace along with the adjacent square was purchased by TUiR WARTA. The palace was renovated and a modern building was erected next to it. In 2005, after the completion of the renovation, the palace received an award in the competition Historic Monument Well-Kept. The award was collected by the new owner. The Piotrkowska Street Foundation also appreciated the effort of conservators, giving it an award in the Best Interior of the Year 2005 competition in the category of historical reconstruction.


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