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Anangram Film

134/27 Piotrkowska str. Łódź

Anagram Film has been operating since 2003 and is run by Anna Pachnicka. Initially, the company produced music videos and promotional films. With time it specialized in making documentaries: “C.K.O.D. generation” directed by Piotr Szczepanski and Leszek David’s “On the Way”. Later she also produced feature films: Piotr Szczepański’s “Aleja Gówniarzy” and  “Miłość” by Sławomir Fabicki as co-producer. Anna Pachnicka is also the Deputy Dean at the Department of Film Art Organization of the PWSFTviT. As a feature film production manager she has worked with Opus Film and Lava Films. She has managed the production of “My blood” by Marcin Wrona, “Taste of Pho” by Mariko Bobrik” and “Sweat” by Magnus von Horn.


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