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Who Will Write Our History

Type of film:

USA, Poland

Production company:
Katahdin Production / Match&Spark

Year of production: 2018

Roberta Grossman

Rachela Auerbach:
Jowita Budnik

Emanuel Ringelblum:
Piotr Głowacki

Abraham Lewin:
Wojciech Zieliński

Judyta Ringelblum, Emanuel's wife:
Karolina Gruszka

Lejb Goldin:
Bartłomiej Kotschedoff

Roberta Grossman

Dyanna Taylor

Set design:
Frank Gampel Marek Warszewski

Aleksandra Staszko

Chris Callister Ondine Rarey

Agnieszka Hodowana


The screenplay is based on a book by Samuel Kassow under the same title and tells the story of people engaged in the activity of Oneg Shabbat, a clandestine organisation operating in the Warsaw Ghetto, documenting the Holocaust of Polish Jews and the history of the Warsaw Ghetto. Its members worked under the cover of Jewish Social Self-Help in the very building where the Jewish Historical Institute has its seat today. Oneg Shabbat’s work led to creating the Underground Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto, the so-called Ringelblum’s Archive, which contained thousands of evidence and testimonies describing the life and extermination of Polish Jews during German occupation in Poland. Right before the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising started, the Archive had been divided into three parts and buried. After the war, two of those were coincidently found while the third one is still missing. Documentary co-financed by Lodz Film Fund in 2017.

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