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Wartime Girls (S.03)

Type of film:
TV feature series


Production company:
Akson Studio

Year of production: 2019

Michał Rogalski / Łukasz Ostalski / Filip Zylber

Irka Szczęsna "Baśka":
Marta Mazurek

Marysia Joachim "Mela":
Aleksandra Pisula

Ewa Fronczak "Czarna":
Vanessa Aleksander

Main screenplay writers:
Wojciech Lepianka / Marek Kreutz

Marian Prokop / Maciej Lisiecki / Rafał Michalski / Paweł Flis / Grzegorz Bartoszewicz

Set design:
Anna Wunderlich / Karina Baran / Irena Milczarek / Marcin Aziukiewicz

Bartosz Chajdecki

Grażyna Gradoń / Konrad Styczeń


A story about the difficult years of the Nazi occupation, seen from the perspective of three young women. They are not yet mothers, nor are they wives. They are young girls who were brought to war by fate at the beginning of their adult lives. And this is one of the most terrible. Prepared for the first twenty years of their childhood and youth to live according to the standards of their environment, they suddenly stood defenseless against the powerful forces of evil and darkness. And they fought with them.

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