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Three Kings

Type of film:


Production company:

Year of production: 2014

Anna Błaszczyk

Screenplay, editing:
Anna Błaszczyk

Art design:
Anna Błaszczyk Paulina Majda

Jan Duszyński


The story of the Three Kings tells of three foreigners who, led by a star, set off on their way to Bethlehem, which was marked to them as the birthplace of a child. Each of them began an independent journey, which after some time became their joint journey. Both Kacper and Melchior and Baltazar came from different cultures of different countries, they spoke different languages, and their lives were very different. Despite all these cultural differences, they found a way to cross the road together and achieve the goal together. This experience gave them not only the joy of the opportunity to participate in this special event but also to meet real friends who stay with each other in both good and bad moments, supporting each other. Although based on a biblical parable, the movie without pathos shows friendship born during a joint expedition and enjoying the achievement of the goal.


Co-financed by Lodz Film Fund in 2013.

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Three Kings

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