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The Wizard od US

Type of film:


Production company:

Year of production: 2016

Balbina Bruszewska

Toni Walker

Good Fairy from North:
Elizabeth Kanski

The Prince:
Gintautas Potockas

The Wizard:
William Goldstein

Screenplay, Cinamatography:
Balbina Bruszewska

Main animator:
Zuzanna Szyszak

Janusz Czubak


Wizard of the U.S. it’s a funny, ironic, animated collage, using American novel themes to show how the American dream comes true in Los Angeles. The film tackles the perceptions and doubts of those who want to be “the voice of emigration of their generation” and try their hand at Hollywood. A mysterious tornado kidnaps Dorotka with her little dog and moves to an unusual place full of prosperity but also threats – to the “land of the U.S.” The heroine quickly realizes that there are different rules. Together with his companions: Fearful Lion, Stupid Scarecrow and Robot Without a Heart, he follows the yellow path, and their goal is the Emerald Castle L.A. where the wizard lives, fulfilling his wishes. The journey will not be easy … Will Dorothy manage to make her dreams come true? Will Lion have the courage to face adversity? Co-financed by Lodz Film Fund in 2014.

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