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Once there was a sea

Type of film:
Film dokumentalny

Poland / Slovakia

Production company:
Animapol / BFilm

Year of production: 2021

Joanna Kożuch

Joanna Kożuch / Katarina Molakova

Art design:
Joanna Kożuch

Martin Hasák

Sound design:
Dušan Kozák

Marek Šulík


An animated documentary about the tragedy of the Aral Sea, which in the 1960s was the fourth largest lake in the world. Today its southern part is almost completely dried up, as a result of the Soviet government’s plundering economic policies. In the film we visit the residents of the town of Mujnak – once the most important port in the region, now dozens of kilometers from the shoreline. A film about the consequences of human decisions and actions, and how they can affect the daily life of one Uzbek town and its residents.


The film has received funding from the Lodz Film Fund in 2019.

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