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Londoners 2

Type of film:
TV feature series


Production company:
Polish Television - Film Agency Telemark

Year of production: 2009

Maciej Migas (ep. 1-6) / Kordian Piwowarski (ep. 7-8) / Wojciech Smarzowski (ep. 9-16)

Asia Budzisz:
Natalia Rybicka

Andrzej Koryn:
Lesław Żurek

Ewa Malec:
Gabriela Muskała

Ewa Popiołek Marek Kreutz Robert Mąka

Marek Traskowski (odc. 1-8) / Janusz Julo Sus (odc. 9-16)

Set design:
Ewa Skoczkowska

Dominika Gebel

Kinga Krulikowska Katarzyna Wilk


Several months have passed since the end of the first series of events. Asia and Andrzej live with Wiola, Romek and their six-month-old daughter Zosia. However, they decide to look for their own apartment. They rent a loft owned by Steven, a famous London DJ. Despite the crisis, Andrzej’s company is developing very well. Romek decides to take Wiola and Zosia to Poland. It has a convenient excuse: you must organize a truck transport with Polish food from Poland to London. Mariola is in the last month of pregnancy. Darek’s crisis takes its toll, but at the Builder’s of the Year gala he has the chance to win the main prize for the implementation of Peter’s investment. To his surprise, Darek gets an award, and Mariola, under the influence of great emotions, begins giving birth already at the party, right after the award ceremony. Future parents go to the hospital, where their son Maciej William is born after a dramatic birth. Wojtek gets out of prison. Polish policeman Alek helps him get a job as a garbage man, but on the first day he is caught in the street by the Hamid gang. Wojtkow manages to escape, but can no longer return to his previous occupation. Alek gets him a job in a nursing home near London. There, Wojtek meets Kasia, a young physiotherapist who also works in a nursing home.

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