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In Darkness

Type of film:
Feature film

Poland, Canada, Germany

Production company:
Schmidtz Katze Filmkollektiv GmbH / Zebra Film Studio / The Film Works

Year of production: 2011

Agnieszka Holland

Leopold Socha:
Robert Więckiewicz

Mundek Margulies:
Benno Fürmann

Klara Keller:
Agnieszka Grochowska

Wanda Socha, Leopold's wife:
Kinga Preis

Szczepek Wróblewski, Socha's helper:
Krzysztof Skonieczny

David F. Shamoon

Jolanta Dylewska

Set design:
Erwin Prib Katarzyna Sobańska Marcel Sławiński

Katarzyna Lewińska Jagna Janicka

Antoni Komasa-Łazarkiewicz

Michał Czarnecki


During the Second World War in Poland, Leopold Socha changes from a petty thief taking care of his own interests into a brave hero, risking his own life and his family’s, hiding a group of Jews from the Lviv ghetto in the sewers during the German occupation. Ultimately, he makes amends by saving a group of men, women and children who survived underground almost 14 months thanks to him. The main role in the film was played by Robert Więckiewicz, also starring: Kinga Preis, Agnieszka Grochowska, Julia Kijowska, Marcin Bosak and the star of German cinema Benno Fuehrmann. Thanks to the support and assistance of the Łódź Film Commission, 5 shooting days were carried out in Łódź, using mainly Łódź streets and city canals. The film was nominated for the American


Film Academy award in the Best non-English-language Film Category, co-financed by the Lodz Film Fund in 2010.

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In darkness

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