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How I became a supervillain

Type of film:


Production company:

Year of production: in production

Krzysztof Ostrowski

Screenplay, drawings:
Krzysztof Ostrowski


“How I became a Supervillain” is a story of two protagonists: Supervillain, a once famously infamous black character, and his son – a shy, and uptight teenager. During the 13 episodes, Supervillain and Junior try to take control over the world, although their techniques of work are abjectively different. While Supervillain the Father focuses on making a living out of his miscreant past, Junior draws a plan of total-world destruction in the silence of his own room. Junior has unnatural superpowers, thanks to which he can affect physical matter, but he can only use them in correlation with his father, which becomes a catalyst for his amazing powers. Together they make sure the world remembers about them, and pays them the well-deserved honours.


Film co-financed by the Lodz Film Fund in 2019.

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