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A Great Worry

Type of film:


Production company:
TV Animation Film Studio

Year of production: In production

Zbigniew Kotecki

Set design:
Maria Balcerek

Sylwia Nowak

Gniazda Marabuta: Łukasz Grynda Ross Mattaar, Łukasz Grynda

Decor construction:
Maria Balcerek, Sylweriusz Koperkiewicz, Marcin Jasiński, Marcin Zalewski, Agata Zboromirska


This extremely wise parable for children with a deep philosophical message, humorously and lightly told, is one of the examples of the contemporary use of the classic fairy tale convention. It happens in a world in which human traits are attributed to animal characters. Seemingly funny situations present the truth about man and contain deep wisdom. It is also a parable about the search for one’s own identity, friendship and empathy. About the way to acceptance of oneself and acceptance of difference in all its manifestations. About the fact that true happiness begins with knowing oneself, understanding who one is, discovering one’s qualities and drawing on this understanding of the joy of life. Film co-financed by the Lodz Film Fund in 2017.

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