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Uniejów, Polska
phone no. +63 288 97 40/44

Uniejów – a town located on the Warta River in the Łódź province, Poddębice county, the seat of the urban-rural municipality of Uniejów. Uniejów lies in the historic land of Sieradz. It was a clerical town of the Archbishopric of Gniezno in the Szadkowski district of Sieradz province in the late 16th century. The town, like the entire municipality, has a tourist character. In 2008, the Uniejów Thermal Baths with hot therapeutic salt brines were opened. The complex consists of three facilities: swimming pools, gastronomy and a knight’s castellum. A grand knight’s tournament and a medieval fair are held here every year. On May 26, 2012, a new facility was opened with indoor pools, open pools and a wellness complex.

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