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Schweikert’s Palace / European Institute

262/264 Piotrkowska st. 90-001 Łódź
phone no. +42 290 96 70

Łukasz Mastalerz, phone no. +42 601230960,

The building is a small, neo-Baroque, detached palace with a representative courtyard, built in 1910. It is delimited by outbuildings situated on the sides (stables, coach house, watchtower with utility rooms) and limited by a cast iron fence with gates. The building is two-storey with a high ground floor, a portico with a semicircular driveway and a hipped roof with mansard. At the back of the palace there is an “Italian” garden with symmetrical rectangular sections. The exterior decoration of the palace also refers to the simplified classicist, historical forms, giving the building a modernist character. The classicist interiors have retained much of the original decoration. The palace is currently the seat of the European Institute and is connected to the building located next door on Piotrkowska Street, to which a modern office building was added on the back side.

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