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Radegast Station

aleja Pamięci Ofiar Litzmannstadt Getto 12, 91-859 Łódź, Polska
phone no. 42 620 05 90

In the period of the World War II the Umschlagplatz in Łódź (place where Jews were gathered before transport to concentration camps). Since 2006 the “Radegast Station” has been open here, branch of the Museum of the Independence Traditions in Łódź. Until this day an original wooden building of the stop remained here. For a long time it was used by railway as an element of the Łódź Radogoszcz station. Inside there are warehouses. At the station two original track-ways remained. It is situated at 12 Pamięci Ofiar Litzmannstadt Getto Avenue in Łódź, access along Inflancka/Zagajnikowa Streets.

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