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City of Weavers Cultural Park in Zgierz

Ks. Szczepan Rembowski st., 95- 100 Zgierz
phone no. +42 714 32 88


The City of Weavers Cultural Park is a historic district of Zgierz, established between 1821 and 1830 in the “Biedermeier” era.

The Cultural Park was established to protect this urban layout, which is unique in Europe. About 30 weavers’ houses have been preserved here, which were built for clothiers who came to Zgierz with the intention of creating a model industrial city of the Kingdom of Warsaw. Located in the Cultural Park, the historic buildings are now used by institutions and associations offering residents and tourists an attractive place for recreation, reminding them of the region’s cultural legacy. The City of Weavers is also a popular location used by filmmakers to shoot scenes for historical films.

Location's history

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