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Palace in Nieborów

Nieborów 232, 99-416, Polska
phone no. 46 838 56 35


The palace in the current, Baroque form, was erected at the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries in place of a previous manor house from the 16th century. The palace was built on a plan of a rectangle with two corner towers from the north. It is one of the best examples of architecture of magnate residences in Poland. In interiors full of luxury works of the Baroque art and epochs after it are exposed: sculptures, portraits of rulers, furniture. In addition, in the palace library there is rich collection stored in mahogany library bookcases from before 1817. The palace is surrounded by a park divided into two parts: garden in a regular (French) style and landscape park. The palace is near Łowicz, approx. 62 km from Łódź to the north east.

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