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Palace in Golice

Golice 18, Poddebice, Poland

Robert Santorek, phone no. 737 343 004,

The Golice estate, or rather the Golice Landed Property with its appurtenances, dates back to 1100, when, as a result of a grant of land by the third wife of Wladyslaw I Herman to the canons of the Cracow chapter, the land near Poddębice was given to the canon of Golice. The last owner of the estate was from 1923 Tadeusz Wehr, after the war the property was nationalized. Currently, since 2007, the remains of the Palace and the adjacent historic park with natural monuments remain in private hands and have been carefully revitalized. The Palace now houses a hotel and restaurant, where special events, corporate conferences, etc. are organized. There is also an orthopedic rehabilitation center.

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