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Museum of the City of Lodz (Izrael Poznański’s Palace)

15 Ogrodowa st. 91-065 Łódź
phone no. +48 42 307 26 57


The seat of the Museum of the City of Lodz is located in the former palace of the Poznanski family, one of the richest families of Lodz in the 19th century. The monumental residence is the most recognisable building and a landmark of the city, as well as a testimony to the 19th century history of Lodz, which from a small settlement in a few decades became the centre of the textile industry of the Polish Kingdom. The decoration of the rooms of the palace of the “king of cotton in Lodz” is eclecticism, characteristic of the art of the turn of the 19th and 20th century, with a multitude of references to historical styles and at the same time modern Art Nouveau decoration. The east wing of the first floor contains private residential flats in the spirit of French Neo-Renaissance with elements of Neo-Baroque. The Palace of the Poznańskie Family is a priceless monument and an important place on the cultural map of the city, where a rich programme of various educational and artistic events is held.

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