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Museum of Cinematography (Karol Scheibler’s Palace)

1 Zwycięstwa sq. 90-312 Łódź
phone no. 42 674 09 57

contact for media, phone no. 723 160 110,

The seat of the museum is a palace (residence) of Karol Scheibler dating back to the mid 19th century. The palace has its Neo-Renaissance body thanks to its reconstruction in 1886-88. The calm, balanced facade of the building contrasts with a variety of multi-style eclectic interiors. Inside stucco works, fireplaces and stoves, painting decorations, panelling and furniture, upholstery fabrics, wallpapers, mosaic, floors and stained glass windows remained in almost unchanged condition. Currently in the palace there is a seat of the Museum of Cinematography possessing a collection of e.g. cameras, film cameras of producers from all over the world and magic lamps. The collection of the Museum of Cinematography also includes a recently restored photoplasticon from 1900. The palace is at 1 Zwycięstwa Square in Łódź, in Źródliska Park, situated between Targowa Street and Piłsudskiego Street.

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