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MOSiR Sports Hall

21 Skorupki st. 90-532 Łódź
phone no. +42 27 21 424


The Sports Hall, also known as the “Palace of Sports”, was built in 1957 to a design by engineer Włodzimierz Prochaska. Work on the hall began in 1948, but was halted and resumed in 1951. At that time Prochaska was joined by Kamil Lisowski, and the project was modified in the spirit of socialist realism, as a result of which a low “enclosure” with a colonnade was put around the hall, the form was simplified, details were reduced and classical columns were replaced with square ones. The facility has a capacity of approximately 9,000 spectators. In addition to sporting events, the hall is also used for music events, various types of trade fairs and is also rented out for religious events.

Location's history

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