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Grand Theater in Łódź

Dąbrowskiego Square, 90-249 Łódź
phone no. 42 647 20 00

Madia / PR, phone no. 42 647 20 99,

The building of the Grand Theatre, designed by Józef and Witold Korski and Wiesław Szymborski, was opened in January 1967. It was then the most modern opera house and one of the largest in Europe. The building is characterised by a monumental body, with a high overhang in the rear part and a glazed so-called “overhang” above Sterlinga Street, which connects the main building with the side part, housing warehouses for decorations, props and costumes. The classic 50 m long frontage consists of a double gable and loggia. The upper part of the building is glazed with large windows of the main foyer.


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