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Geyer’s villa (District Medical Chamber)

3 Czerwona st., Łódź
phone no. 42 683 17 01

Ryszard Geyer’s villa dates from the end of the 19th century and once belonged to the Geyer family of factory owners. Currently, the building belongs to the District Medical Chamber, where the organisation’s headquarters are located.

The residence is decorated in the Italian Renaissance style. Inside, it is decorated with rich neo-Baroque and neo-Rococo stuccowork on the ceilings, stylish fabric wallpaper on the walls, and lambrequins in the windows. There are also fireplaces, plafonds and wooden balustrades with carved lion heads in the staircase.

The author of the villa is Piotr Brukalski. He designed it in 1896. The local medical association bought the building from the heirs in 1997. However, the characteristic eclecticism of the décor has been preserved. In each of the rooms one can observe decorative stuccowork on the ceilings and lambrequins in the windows. On the first floor, there is a unique illuminated stained glass window with an image of horns of plenty and flowers and a winter garden.

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