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Fabryka Wełny Hotel & Spa

4 Grobelna st. 95-200 Pabianice
phone no. +48 42 206 88 88

Marketing, phone no. +42 206 84 33,

Fabryka Wełny Hotel & SPA is a stylish and modern facility located in Pabianice, not far from Łódź. It was built on the premises of the former industrial empire of the Baruch family, who produced cotton fabrics. The complex, located on the Dobrzynka River, was one of the largest and most modern factories in the region. The factory’s antureure refers to the past, thanks to which it was possible to maintain the industrial atmosphere of the building. The hotel’s facilities include a gym, squash rooms, a bowling alley and a swimming pool on the top floor with access to a spacious roof terrace.

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