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VEV Productions

177 Kilińskiego st. 90-353 Łódź

At VEV we aim to combine artistic and commercial values in film productions. We combine passion, ambition, and experience, with a focus on continuous development. We believe that by creating partnerships and mutual trust, we can achieve the objectives set for each project. We believe in building a team that understands the specificity of filmmaking work well, which is why we engage professionals from Poland and abroad in our projects.


The quality of workmanship and emotions accompanying each screening are of utmost importance to us. Following these principles, we create unique advertising spots, social campaigns, image and product films, as well as video content marketing and storytelling materials. We create content from the first outline to the finished product. Many of our productions are short film forms as well as 2D and 3D animations. Apart from classic animation, we also realise alternative solutions, including rotoscopic or time-lapse animation.



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