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Atlanta Int

29 Łąkowa str. 90-554 Łódź

Atlanta Int is a modern company which cooperates with Producers, Production Managers and Casting Directors as well as Acting Agencies, Episodists, Statists and Models, during the realization of film, television projects, advertising spots and all other forms of audiovisual production.


Atlanta Int offers for rent Atlanta Studio – A spacious, comfortable and well-lit studio with a backroom area of 51m2, ideal for photo sessions or castings, workshops, etc. Atlanta is one of the few studios in Łódź with a cyclorama. The studio’s advantage is its location in the centre of Łódź, in the former Łódź Feature Film Studio.


Office 1: 29 Łąkowa Street 29, 90-554 Łódź

Office 2: 21 Chełmska Street, 00-724 Warsaw



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